Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Motivational Quote

The new skill I have learned is how to use the color pop out of the dark back ground, also I realized how the grid is also used to make straight lines that goes along with the grid. Yes, I will use this skill in the future, I wished that I would have known this in the past. My design coporates was to look for problem solving quotes, quotes that will motivate to help people get better and do better things. Hopefully, I did use the concept well, from my belief, I did.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Movie Poster of Women In Black (WIB)

The new skill I have used was Quick Selection Tool to have the background all white. Yes I will use this in the future, becuase my friends and I have crazy backgrounds and I want to cover them for younger viewers. The concepts that I had learned in this project was that you should save multiple times, yes I used the concept well, I had to start over three times in this project. Thank God I turned it in on time...

Friday, 18 April 2014


I chose this design because I can be presented as myself there, I can be light in the outside and dark as the flower. I learned how to use Photoshop with this picture, becasue this was my very first project that I can remember. I would have took time with the project than let it be rushed as I did with this project. I went back and forth with the Brightness/Contrast, and the Color Balance with this project because of how different the original picture is and this project.

I chose this design because I just love music, and when this project was shown, I was listening to Don't Stop Believing by Journey. I wanted the whole idea of the amazing guitar solo in the middle and the city boy in one side and the small town girl in the other. This design was NEGATIVE SPACE. I have not made any revisions, because I think that it is perfect from my view. I had drawn it from scratch, colored everything and made sure it had the detail I wanted.

I chose this design because I don't even know what could be a better view for a Wales Postcard. This design was negative effects and Brightness/Contrast. I would not have revisioned it, because I like it was it has resulted from the beginning anyway. I had used Brightness/Contrast, dark effects on the shadows to focus on the flower and the lake.
I chose this design because I love Tetris and who doesn't? I used the grid as my new skill to get the squares alined to and was shocked at first because I didn't know what I did half of the time. I would make a few revisions because I made some squares to a rectangle and one line is connecting the sqaures together. and I love Tetris to be perfect. I made the background black, used the grid, then typed the quote my dad made to my friend and I, then started used the paintbrush tool to draw the squares.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Reflection of the Humans of New York Project:
One of the new skills I have learned and used was the Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush Tool in the Tools Panel to blend and eliminate unwanted areas or objects in the picture.Yes, I will use this in the future, I believe more than any other skill, because I am a perfectionist editer. The concepts was to blend and eliminate unwanted areas or objects in the photos, have fun with photography, take pictures and just meet new people and good appropiate pictures with your peers. I did use the concept well, I suppose I did.

One of the Humans of Lakenheath, her name is Mercedes Gonzoles.
Me: "What makes you happy?"
Mercedes: "My phone."

My best friend in the world, I mostly count her as my sister more than a best friend.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Gabby: "I'm a hobo!"

Niklas is more likely a brother from another mother to me, he's a strange child.
Me: "What are we going to do now?"
Nik: "We can go up the roofs again."

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

In this image we show 4 girls, Ciera Shuler, the one on the left, Sarah Prestley, the one on the right, Madii Perdue, the one on the bottom, and me, the one with black boots. Here I was trying to use the straighten tool and tilt some of the Hue and subtract little of the Saturation. I have also added some light into the picture to show the shadow and color of the shoes. I thought personally it was in a way cool that most of us was wearing boots, but I was in a way hoping not most of us were. We were assigned to take pictures of our shoes outside of class and we were going around taking random and simple pictures, then we thought of taking a group picture. I love my girls so much!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Reflection of the image of the Shakespeare Flyer

For this image I have used a new skill to make the statue of William Shakespeare bigger. I have used one of the skills in the Liquify Feature. I have used the skill well and it was useful because I wanted his head to be bigger, showing he has knowledge in his head. Yes I will use this skill in the future, I will just to see how things will look if they were bigger. Yes I have used a design concept, well and appropiately for this project and for this school.